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HootQuarters, the video series brings the educational misadventures of Oliver T. Owl and the inspiring music of the acclaimed kindierock band, The Hoots, into the homes of children and parents around the globe, helping them to explore their worlds, nurture their creativity and curiosity, and make good choices for themselves and the planet.

With an intentionally quaint and even retro style, HootQuarters is today’s answer to Mister Rogers and Pee Wee's Playhouse that new parents loved when they were kids.

Far from the latest HD CGI blockbuster, HootQuarters has a warmth that draws the audience into the whimsical world of Oliver, the Hoots, and their friends.

Certainly, purple owls are rare, but HootQuarters is more than that. It’s a sitcom for kids (especially ages 3 to 8) and adults that delivers PBS-quality life lessons through fresh yet somehow familiar songs and stories. With relatable topics like lachanophobia (that’s a fear of veggies), recycling, and not being afraid to try new things, the stories bring children along with unexpected twists and subtle jokes, the occasional word that might even widen parents’ vocabulary, and of course a joyful exploration of music. Whatever the subject, Oliver is always up to something, and he always manages to learn a lesson that will stick with children long after the screen has gone dark.

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Press & Awards


Lachanophobia a Kids First Film Festival Official Selection!

“This is a charming and funny episode about a kid relatable topic, a puppet not wanting to try a new food. The humor is simple and the story has a strong beginning, middle and end. Yet, there is a freshness to the storytelling as well, with some unexpected jokes and twists. The story features music […] read more


The Hoots about town

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